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Monday, April 11, 2011

Vote for KURDYS May 3....Letter in support

We in Portage have two very important items on the May ballot: the renewal of the county mileage, and filling 2 school board positions.

Renewing the county enhancement mileage will continue giving Portage three million dollars which supports instructional programs. Our vote on the board positions will indicate what kind of board we want.

I have been attending Portage School meetings for the past 4 years. I have witness the interaction of the members of the board as 3 elected members have resigned in the past 3 years. I have witness the change in how the current board members get along, respect each other, listen to others opinions, and are able to have open discussions. These are good, honest people who want only the best for PPS.

The school board trustees are elected to oversee their EMPLOYEE, “the superintendent, and expect accountability from this employee. If you or I, ignored a directive from our boss, we would be without a job and it is call “insubordination”. I think they are doing what I elected them to do: to monitor their employee, ask questions and expect answers. The board is being criticized for not letting the superintendent do her job, or are they advocating that the board not do its job? I hear that some in the community criticized the board for approving the $272,000 buyout for the superintendent’s mutually agreed upon resignation. If these community remembers are so concerned about the dollars spent, why are they trying to recall the board members and spend more of the districts money. I think it is time to stop the blaming, let the board operate openly, honestly and strive for accountability.

Vote to support our current Board, for incumbents, Kevin Hollenbeck and Melanie Kurdys.

Judith Santek, Portage, Mi


Dave Felicijan said...

Just want to be clear that the district does not incur cost for a recall.


Dave Felicijan

Melanie Kurdys said...

According to Tim Snow the County Clerk and all-knower of things elections, the district does incur costs depending on what else is on the ballot. One of the reasons the state is encouraging schools to move to November elections! Hopefully we will not have to find out.