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Monday, April 11, 2011

Vote for KURDYS May 3, 2011 Assorted Community Comments

I'm glad you're running and am hopeful that the voters of Portage recognize your contributions. You are smart and pragmatic; detailed and big-picture. These are important issues that are seldom well balanced in public life. You take care. Janet

I am proud and happy to support all of you. I have to say to you, personally, that I believe you are just about the smartest person I know. You investigate all of the facts and figures, and present a case (whatever it is) that's well thought out for the benefit of everyone. I know that you've taken a lot of heat, and I wish there was a way to make others understand that if anyone is not making decisions based on emotions or personality conflicts, it would be you. Thanks for your courage and "thick skin". Terri

Melanie, I KNOW how hard it has been to get your concerns heard these past 4 years. I am very aware that the school system’s problems run far deeper than just “petty bickering amongst yourselves” and it’s been going on far too long. I voted for you for a reason. I would encourage you to “stay the course” in working to see our school system as a nationally ranked school system, rather than an “ok” school system. If that means tackling a controversial decision, then so be it. Do what needs to be done. It’s time. To say “Thank you” to you doesn’t really seem enough, but I appreciate your continued dedication to your position, to our school system and to my kid’s education. Jody

Thank you for your diligent and courageous commitment to address the tough issues facing Portage Public Schools. I encourage you to stay strong in your pursuit to do what is best for our present and future students, staff and community. Margie

Just wanted to shoot you a brief note and say thanks for all you have done and will do in the future for PPS. Kurt

I feel that people are being unfair to Melanie, due to the fact she is not a rubber stamp and goes along with everybody without asking questions. At least she is out looking for the best possible way to do things. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND QUESTIONS, MELANIE. Harry

Hello, Melanie. I watched the School Board Meeting. I thought you were right on target with your comments on accountability and choices. There are a lot of people counting on you to continue speaking for the tax payers. I am very impressed with the way you brought up the research you’ve done and the seminars you attend. I only hope the Superintendent will listen and act. Keep up the great work. Stan

Melanie Kurdys: I have to admit that I didn't vote for you before. But I've seen you work through this whole situation, and I'm convinced that you have the students' and taxpayers' best interests at heart. Yours is a thankless job at best, and you and the rest of your colleagues are to be commended for hanging in there.
Next election, you've got my vote. Ecomcon blogger

Melanie Kurdys has been "out there" and completely open and transparent about what she wants for the school district. If you don't like what she says, fine, vote against her. But don't throw around this "personal agenda" crap and try to smear her as unfit for the board. You folks are lucky to have someone who thinks for themselves and is not a rubber stamp for the administration. Most elected school boards--heck, most boards at any level--have a "go along with the herd" mentality and little courage to do what's right. That's why our governments at all levels are in such a mess. Truthavenger blogger

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