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Friday, April 1, 2011

Vote for KURDYS May 3, 2011 A letter to voters

Dear Concerned Citizen and Taxpayer,
There is an important election coming up on May 3. The question for you, an informed voter in Portage, is “Who should lead Portage Public Schools during these challenging times?”. Expectations for student achievement are high while funding remains flat or falling. If you want Board members who are:
- Visionary in setting a direction of excellence for our district
- Fiscally responsible, spending every dollar as if it were their own
- Able to hold administrators accountable
- Willing to be accountable to YOU

I am your candidate. This is not campaign rhetoric. Over the last four years, I have demonstrated my commitment to these exact points:
- Called “unrealistic” to expect that all children can learn
- Named “the self-appointed fiscal watchdog” by the Gazette
- Voted to change leadership despite political fallout
- Analyzed student achievement to highlight areas of improvement

I believe the School Board holds the administration accountable for achieving the highest levels of educational outcomes for every tax dollar we pay.

Portage is a very good school district, but we know from community surveys and focus groups that our community expects more. We must teach all our children to read. To expect less means giving up on the over 2000 (20%)of Portage children who cannot read at grade level. We can not rest on our laurels.
What do we need to do? We must:
- Believe that all children can learn at high levels and teaching all is our moral obligation
- Maintain open communication with teachers around resource
allocation to effectively deliver results
- Systemically engage parents as partners in decision making for
their children and for their schools

PPS can become a place where our children can become all they want and more than they imagine.

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