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Monday, April 11, 2011

Vote for KURDYS May 3, 2011 Impressive Leadershipt Traits

As a civic minded retiree, I am fortunate in knowing and interacting with people able to choose their lifestyle options. Traits I admire most in such folks include intelligence, community involvement, focus, dedication to principles and a spirit of generosity.
Melanie Kurdys impresses me as possessing these and other favorable characteristics. Her personal options could include staying home, family activities and lots of “fun for Melanie” stuff. Significantly, however, she gives both her time and energy to our community through her continued leadership with the Portage School Board, the Drug Task Force and numerous volunteer, advisory and steering involvements.
Being both a math major and executive, Melanie expects numbers to balance and the organization to operate effectively. As the mother of three graduates of Portage Schools, she adds a human dimension and a female perspective. Her leadership style is steadfast, of excellence, integrity and the courage of commitment. Concerned and informed citizens are urged to join me in voting for Melanie Kurdys, Portage School Board, 3 May 2011.
Robert El Henicky, Psychotherapist, Portage

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