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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 28, 2011 Special Board Meeting

My views on a few important outcomes from last night's meeting - 1) We selected Michigan Leadership Institute, Craig Misner, to help us with our search for an interim superintendent. Likely this interim person will be from Michigan and he has good connections to help us find good candidates. We expect this person will be superintendent for a year. 2) We kept undecided the selection firm for the permanent superintendent. There seems to be a fair amount of support to using a more national firm in this process to open up our candidate pool from other states as well as consideration to non-traditional candidates who might bring strong leadership where they would leverage the good educational leadership we have within our district. And of course, we are encouraging internal staff to consider their qualifications in applying. 3) We renewed our building administrators contracts for two years. This is in recognition that we have good work underway in the buildings and we wanted to send a strong signal of confidence to our principals as they continue their efforts to teach each and every child. 4) We renewed central office contracts for one year. This year will provide continuity during our transition to a new superintendent, while maintaining the flexibility to make organizational or personnel changes as a new leader would determine appropriate. 5) We discussed the process for hiring three new principals, which is underway. An important change to the process was agreed upon, to make the building level interviews open to the public. I hope many parents and staff choose to attend. 6) The next few months will involve the development of the 2011-12 budget. Please watch and comment as we proceed. We will be using the priorities developed as a result of the community surveys and forums to assist in setting priorities. Our next meeting is scheduled for 4PM Wednesday, March 30, 2011 to work with Mr. Misner on the specific plan for hiring the interim superintendent. As always, this meeting to open to the public.

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