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Monday, April 23, 2007

Portage Test Scores are Falling

I have been presenting data from the Michigan Department of Education and School Matters websites which clearly show Portage high school MEAP scores in a downward trend. Here are some numbers to consider:
2001 2006
Math Proficiency 87.4 72.7
Writing 82.3 70.0
Science 82.3 74.6

These numbers can be verified on under student achievement trends.

The current PPS Board and administration have many arguments about why these numbers are not to be of concern. But the truth is, we must be concerned and we must devise a strategy to improve student achievement.

Someone recently asked me how our numbers compare to state averages. I ask, why would a Portage parent care about averages? Portage is clearly an above average school. But we want to be one of the best schools. A better question is how do we compare to the top ten schools in the state? The answer is, poorly! There are schools with upward trends! There are schools with some grades at 100% proficiency! That should be us!

This can be fixed, but the first step is to acknowledge where we are. Then we can really demonstrate that we can teach all children and all children can learn!

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justthefacts said...

Interesting use of words "clearly". Wow, before you publish this as fact perhaps a BASIC primier on appropriate use of data might be in order. I read your profile that indicates you are college educated and profess to be competent in mathematics. I can only conclude you either did not learn well (and therefore ignorant) or are intentionally deceiving the public to get elected!